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  I was fascinated by electric protein blender bottle. People get angry when they see me using it in the gym! It not only perfectly mixes pre exercise and EAA protein powder! It is so convenient and interesting to use. This is a must. Stop shaking the bottle! I’m looking forward to this letter. It’s coming. I’ll use it for the next exercise. It mixes well.

  I used it to make creatine and amino acid drinks before and after exercise, and made delicious protein drinks with milk and protein powder. All the powders were well mixed without leaving any lumps. Overall, this is a great product.

  We won this portable electric protein shaker bottle in the gift, which is very helpful to us! Many times, when I drive, I don’t want to shake the bottle while drinking. This is the perfect solution for my cup holder. Love it!

  I’ve never eaten anything like this before. I was surprised to use the automatic mixer for the first time. My Pre Workout is less than 20 seconds. I can drink water from above without leaking. My fianc é used it, and now he also wants a best electric shaker cup. Solid products!

  It’s time to throw away those stupid spring balls you forgot to wash and upgrade to this electric protein shaker bottle. It’s great for all your needs before, during, and after exercise, and it’s self-cleaning You have to add soap and water, but you know what I mean. Portable Blender bottle is a rechargeable battery with USB interface. My only complaint is that I didn’t have one earlier.

  No more regiments! I’ve always hated making protein milkshakes, shaking them and drinking a big ball of protein. Electric protein shaker cup changed the game! Amazing quality, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Next level!