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  It is the best protein shaker bottle in the world. I have used one bottle of 450 ml for more than one year. Even pure water, blender bottles have never leaked. Quality 5 stars, each piece fits perfectly, with 2 compartments for your whey protein creatine glutamine, and another separate compartment for the capsule separately installed in the bottle. Very wear-resistant material.

  Anyway, this is the best fit bottle in the world. It fulfilled its promise. Buy fearless. Better costs and benefits I recommend 100% to iherb members.

  I have many such things over the years (because I lost the electric blender water bottle – not because they let me down). I came back to them for a reason. Because there are stirring pieces in it, they can always mix any powder I put in very well and quickly. Blender cups are easy to clean and come in many colors. The only thing I want to change is that there is a lockable cover, but the shake shaker cup can be safely clamped anyway. I don’t like the plastic packaging either.

  Oh, My God! This small blender bottle is a genius! I can store my daily protein powder, any additional powder supplements I take (such as spirulina or Maka) and my vitamins. The blender is great. I take it to work every day. So it’s worth it. If you need a blender, please do not hesitate to buy it

  For my husband! What is surprising is the firmness of the protein bottle shaker. The shaker cup is well dispersed and mixed without lumps! yeah! Sometimes I put a small salad in the protein shake blender bottle with spices. The powder shaker bottle is also suitable for this purpose.